Announcing Bissan Rafe’s Workshop “Fairytales”

Hi! This is Ale.
It is my pleasure to announce a workshop by our resident painter Bissan Rafe! Bissan has given this workshop to kids and adults in a number of different countries, and she will be compiling the work of all the participants in an anthology. Would you like to get published along with people from all over the world? After all workshops are over, the storybook anthology will be published. And the plan is to send a copy of the book to every person who took part in the workshops, within a year from now. Wouldn’t a storybook everybody had a hand in be a great memory? It must be great to join a workshop like this in family. Now let’s have Bissan explain it in her own words:

shamms and wolf

Workshop to help kids, young adults and adults create their own fairytale
and combine it into one full story

I will help and instruct with story development and illustrations.

The workshop will start by asking all participants to relate a fantasy they had when they were young, whether it was a strange creature they thought lived in the woods near their house or a story their parents told.

By the end of the workshop the short fairytale created from the collective effort of all the participants with unique illustrations will be included in my anthology book of international original fairytales when it is published. Each participant in the workshop will get a copy of the book, which includes the special section of the story they created published as courtesy gift and ‘thank you’ for participating.

This workshop is a continuation of a series of which the first workshop was done in the Palestinian Territories where participants were kids/adults from near by refugee camps. It will be an interesting insight to compare the different fantasy and dreams of privileged and unprivileged, of oppressed and free individuals.

I have traveled to many countries and did intense research to write/illustrate and work on this fairytale anthology. During my workshop I will share my insight about other countries and discuss different folklore, tradition etc. (with pictures/videos) to give participants inspirations.

The counties folklore/tradition I researched/traveled to so far include: Portugal, Palestine, Native Americans (Texas Big Bend), Italy, and Japan.

Workshop: “Fairytales”
Teacher: Bissan Rafe (Profile)
Bissan Rafe is a Palestinian-American multimedia professional artist, painter, and fitness instructor. She has a BS in Biological & Physical Science studying Naturopathic Medicine, and currently resides in Texas. She founded Nohra-Studio in Houston, TX (USA) back in 2007 as a registered trademark and official studio of the artist’s work.
Place: Studio Kura
Target: Kids to adults
Date and time: June 22nd, 2013 14:00~16:00
Fee: 1,500 yen
You should take with you: Nothing (We will provide the drawing and painting materials)

Bissan’s exhibition will open that same day, so wouldn’t it be nice to spend the day in family at Studio Kura?
We will be waiting for you!

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