konya2023 talk #3: Peter Granser “Werksvortrag”

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Hi! This is Hiro. Our current artist in residence, photographer Peter Granser, will be talking this Wednesday the 15th of May at konya2023. It will be about his past projects and his work in Itoshima. You can expect a detailed talk, about what the internationally acclaimed photographer who gave birth to books like Sun City or Coney Island thinks, while creating any kind of photographs. If you’re interested in photography as a medium or you like contemporary art, I’m sure you will find it interesting!

konya2023 talk #3 Peter Granser “Werksvortrag”

From konya2023’s website:

For this konya2023 talk, we have invited photographer Peter Granser, currently in residence at Studio Kura, an art center in Itoshima where artists from all the world spend some time working. We will learn about the recent activity of the author of photography books such as Sun City, Coney Island.

Feel free to have a look at Studio Kura’ blog for an idea of their residence environment.

konya2023 talk #3
Peter Granser “Werksvortrag” Lecture on his work from 2000-2012.

Date and time: 15 May, 2013 (Wednesday) 19:00
Place: konya-gallery (1-14-28, Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka)
Fee: ¥500
Guest: Peter Granser
Organizers: Travel Front, Studio Kura
Collaboration: ART BASE 88

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