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Announcing: Studio Kura Children Art Exhibition, Vol. 3

We are holding an exhibition to show some work from children coming to Studio Kura to learn art. It will be held at Ito Kyodo Museum from June 18th to June 23rd. We will show works children made at Studio Kura during the past year, including paintings, sculptures, videos and installations. Adults can get a lot of energy when surrounded with this many works of children’s exploding creativity!
It feels great to see the kids’ growth in these works they made while they were learning, and with tight time constraints. Children’s potential is endless!

Please feel free to visit the exhibition!
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Announcing Bissan Rafe’s Workshop “Fairytales”

Hi! This is Ale.
It is my pleasure to announce a workshop by our resident painter Bissan Rafe! Bissan has given this workshop to kids and adults in a number of different countries, and she will be compiling the work of all the participants in an anthology. Would you like to get published along with people from all over the world? After all workshops are over, the storybook anthology will be published. And the plan is to send a copy of the book to every person who took part in the workshops, within a year from now. Wouldn’t a storybook everybody had a hand in be a great memory? It must be great to join a workshop like this in family. Now let’s have Bissan explain it in her own words:

shamms and wolf
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