Report: Bissan Rafe’s Workshop “Fairytales”

Hi! This is Ale.
Last Saturday, our artist in residence Bissan Rafe ran a workshop. The main part was painting, but it had a lot of storytelling in it and was very inspiring.

2013-06-22 16.27.56
Bissan started by talking about her storybook project, and showing pictures of related past workshops she has done around the world. Then I read my Japanese translation for the beginning of one of the stories Bissan wrote during her stay at Studio Kura, and attendants were left with a task: write down three wishes to make the world better.

2013-06-22 15.23.00
Then they started drawing and painting pictures inspired by the story.

2013-06-22 15.29.08
We thought they would barely have time to do one picture, but some people painted as many as three!

2013-06-22 15.30.31
The wolf is the protagonist of the story. This picture took a lot of time for the details.

2013-06-22 15.43.22
It was great to have both children and adults (some of them professionals of the visual arts!) join this workshop.

2013-06-22 15.29.24
We had many families attending together, which I hope makes for a great family memory.

2013-06-22 16.28.45
At the end of the workshop, Bissan gave some personal words of support to each of the attendants, especially to the kids, and we were all surprised at how well she had got to know every one of them in such a short span of time.

2013-06-22 16.31.00
And the workshop came to an end with a group picture. What a wonderful group it was!

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