An Interview with Residence Artist Max Nalevansky

We interviewed Max Nalevansky, one of our current artists in residence.

We heard this is your first artist in residence program. Why did you choose Japan for such an important milestone?

I was interested in Japan’s countryside landscapes and environment. I just wanted to take a movie in Asia. After Studio Kura I’m going to Instinc, a residence in Singapore.

Singapore’s Instinc!? More and more artists are coming to Studio Kura after staying at Instinc, or the opposite. You said you just graduated. What did you study?

I majored in Fine Arts. I did sculpture and photography. I love telling jokes, so I used both photography and sculpture to do just that. This time around I just want to take a short film telling a joke. I named the work I’m presenting at Studio Kura Concussions. I’m not sure about what’s happening or why it happens, so I made this confusion into a movie.

I plan to make this into a series and take 50 short films along 2014.

The movie I’m taking here will be the first one, and I’m going to post them all on my website as soon as they’re done.

Also, sound is very important in this first movie. Can someone lend me some speakers!?

I think I will have another one ready around the 28th. I’m taking it at a place that doesn’t appear in the first movie.

Did your impression of Japan change after coming here?

I didn’t know how the landscapes would be before coming. I was sure it would be a beautiful place, but I didn’t know what they would look like. After coming here I was alone at the house, got inspired, and a lot of ideas came to me. I thought the landscapes around Studio Kura would look great in a movie. My ideas grew a lot after seeing the vegetation, the hills and the shrines.

What’s your best memory from Studio Kura?

Of course it’s Noi!! She’s just too cute!

Photo by Miya Nakayama
The woods around Studio Kura, and how welcoming everybody was.

I hope I’ll see you all on the 25th at 5 pm for the opening!

January 25-30, 2014

Opening party: 25th (Saturday) starting at 17:00

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