New Residence Slots Available for 2015

Hi! This is Ale from Itoshima in a very cold winter day.

We have good news to all people who would like to be a part of the Studio Kura Artist in Residence program. You may know that the residence house has always been shared by up to two artists. But we just got a new room ready to be used and now we can host up to three artists at a time!

We have updated the residence slots for 2015 to reflect this and, even though we only added a third slot for each month, the number of currently open slots for 2015 has doubled. (The new slots are all listed as four-week slots, but we are open to change two consecutive ones into an eight-week slot if requested by an artist.)

We hope this means people who had given up coming to Studio Kura in 2015 because the slots getting booked really fast, will now be able to find an open slot.

We are looking forward to your application!

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