Studio Kura will attend “Considering Artist in Residence(AIR)” coming weekends in TOKYO

Studio Kura will attend a 3-day forum in TOKYO, called “Considering Artist in Residence(AIR)”, coming weekends in order to support Microresidence Network actively.

Here is the detail of the event.

Considering Artist in Residence(AIR):
A home for the creative activities of artists-its structure as an important vessel within society and the potentials of net work.

We propose to hold a 3-day forum in which, through presentation examining the present state of domestic AIR, research conducted by art universities, and various case studied including a collaboration between an AIR and an art university, we will examine the reality of a collaborative project pivoted on a domestic and international microresidence net work. Through the accumulation of research and discussions together with artists and those concerned with AIR, we aim to strengthen the role of AIR as important social vessels, while at the same time contributing to the further development of related activities.

Day1:Whose “AIR”The Current Situation and possibilities surrounding both Domestic and International Networks
Day2:The Present State of Domestic and International AIR collaborations between AIR and Universities
Day3:The possibility of a collaboration project through a Microresidence Network href>

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