Pictures from Ryuichi Yahagi’s Talk About Art and Mexican Curry Workshop


This is Ale translating Hiro’s blog
Ryuichi’s talk and workshop were a success. First we made Mexican curry with all the attendants. Ryuichi had brought many spices and chili peppers from Mexico.

Mexico is the origin of all chili peppers. Everyone took some seeds with them. I hope everyone’s peppers grow well!


It was simple, spicy curry. Maybe it was too hot for the kids?


After getting stuffed with curry and resting for a while, we went into the kura and Ryuichi talked about Mexico’s art and history (from ancient to contemporary) and about his work. It was really interesting! You can’t separate art from history! Art is a lot more interesting when you can see how it is related to the world.

Seeing how one of the big masters in my life is still working with a lot of energy made me feel like doing more and better work myself. I really appreciated your visit, Ryuichi! I hope we can meet again soon.

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