Report: Beck Wheeler’s Solo Exhibition “Itoshima Characters”

Hello, this is Ayako.
I am writing about Beck Wheeler‘s exhibition, which is taking place JULY 12th-19th, and opening party on 12th JULY.
She is from New Zealand and a multi-disciplinary artist who works across the fields of painting, sculpture and digital media.

She was inspired by ITOSHIMA, and created 3 main characters.
There are not only paintings but also wood dools were displayed on the table.
The wood dools were painted by kids from Studio Kura ART classes.
On the corner in Kura, She served her favorite Japanese sweets from Mochi Cafe.
One of the characters was actually designed from MOCHI.

She used those domestic materials to make pattern which are hanging on the wall.

Left paint:imaged from BONSAI / Right paint:imaged from MOCHI CAFE

Third character was imaged from flower.

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