Theresa Daddezio just arrived last week!

Hi! This is Ale.

Theresa Daddezio is a visual artist based in New York City. Her paintings reveal similarities between sound-shapes and natural phenomena. She will be staying with us for July. Find more about her on her profile page.


Theresa wanted to keep an open mind about the kind of work she would be making during her time at Studio Kura. Instead of just continuing her work, she thought it would be better to get inspired by the landscape, the materials and the culture of Itoshima in order do some work she wouldn’t be able to do elsewhere. And for now, it looks like it’s working great.

New Studio, left side

She’s loving the new studio at the second residence house.

New studio, right side

Theresa is very excited about being here so we can’t wait to see her work!

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