Announcing: Jen Hitchings’s a solo exhibition「Exposed Roots」


Studio Kura(Itoshima City)will have an exhibition「Exposed Roots」by Jen Hitchings, who is on Art in residence program at Studio Kura currently.

Jen Hitchings was born in 1988 in New Jersey, USA. She currently works as a gallery manager in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, co-runs a small gallery space in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and maintains a painting practice. Her work is concerned with intimate relationships between people, specifically the youth in cities. She uses photography as source material, thinking about the intention behind taking photographs, and then transforms them into paintings of alternative, psychedelic realities.

Here is a massage from Jen.

My work is always directly affected by my surroundings; for several years as a Brooklyn-based artist, my paintings often depict social gatherings, parties, and celebrations which are infused with psychedelic colors and the obscuring of figures and objects. I’m interested in subtly, mortality, personal relationships, social norms, and youth culture in urban and suburban environments. Studio Kura has shifted my gaze to the relationship that the Japanese have to the landscape, rather than to one another, as the people and the natural environs co-exist so fluidly and compatibly. I have focused on depicting flora that is common in the Japanese countryside landscape, and juxtaposing it with figurative works, to invent new connections between the two life forms.

Please visit us and enjoy her work.
We are all looking forward to meeting you.

=Jen Hitchings’s solo exhibition 「Exposed Roots」=
Date:November 8th(Sat)~November 9th(Sun) 11:00-19:00
*Free for entry

OPENING PARTY:November 8th(Sat) 17:00~
*You are all invited and join us at party!!

Jen Hitchings’s profile

Organizer:Studio Kura
Address:Masue586,Nijo,Itoshima City,Fukuoka, Japan,819-1613
Tel: 0081-92-325-1773
[Train]Ikisan Station(JR Chikuhi line):15minutes walking
*(pick up service available)

Contact:Studio Kura 092-325-1773

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