Announcing Naomi Soh’s exhibition “Project Nu”

Project Nu Promo 02
We are happy to announce an exhibition by Naomi Soh, in which she will show work she did during her residence at Studio Kura.

Naomi is a digital illustrator hailing from the small sunny island of Singapore.
For her, drawing was what many would have called a hobby. Ever since picking up the pencil at 4, the passion and desire to create worlds and characters that had never existed was planted and grew over time. Over the years, that hobby found it’s way onto a main stage, and that’s how she started her artistic journey over a year ago when she made the decision to study Digital Design and Illustration at 3dsense Media School in Singapore. It was there that she was selected for the 3dsense-Kura Artistic Residency Award.

Project Nu. The term “Nu” is a play on the word “New”.

Through Project Nu, I wanted to show the transformation as one breaks away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Having grown up in the extremely busy city of Singapore, I always found it difficult to take a break and just enjoy the city for what it is. That frustration and feeling is often mirrored in my works and also in the way I work.

When I arrived in Itoshima, I was in awe at the vastness and openness of the nature surrounding me.
Everything seemed to move slower; everything seemed so much simpler and I felt a great sense of freedom.
That is the emotion I want to share through these few pieces. The sense of freedom and simplicity; the sense of changing into someone “Nu”.

We would be very happy to meet you at the opening party on Saturday, starting at 6pm!
It will take place at ITOAGURI Cafe.

Date: 31st January(Sat) – 8th February(Sun)
Place:Itoaguri Cafe
Itoshima City, Kawatsuki 882

*Opening Party will be held 31st January 6pm.

Organized by: Studio Kura

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