Learn English with Charlie

Hi! This is Ale.

One of the people staying with us, Charlie Bolton, has over two years experience in teaching English as a second language to students all ages. He would be happy to teach some lessons while he is in Itoshima, so feel free to contact us (in Japanese or English) if you are interested. He will be staying until the end of April.


He is thinking ¥1,500 per student/hour if two students take the lessons together, but please ask if you are alone or you have a larger group. He will appreciate talking to anyone interested in the lessons, finding out their level, preferred time and place to take the lessons.

It feels natural to have the lessons at Studio Kura but feel free to ask if you would rather him going to your place.

We are happy about the English lessons and will support anyone staying with us who is interested in teaching.
Happy learning with Charlie!

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