Learning Japanese While You Stay at Studio Kura

Hi, this is Ale!
Some people like to learn a little Japanese while they are here, and I guess lessons could help.

There is a place to go for some inexpensive, friendly lessons. It’s endorsed by the city hall and run by volunteers in a public space, so I guess you can expect sitting next to people of different levels, but I’m sure the people will be very nice and also you only pay ¥100 for a 90 minute lesson. You also need not to book in advance. Just show up.

The lessons are from 10:00 to 11:30 on the second, third, and fourth Wednesday and Saturday of every month. The place is called Itoshima-shi Jinken Center (糸島市人権センター). Here’s a map with it and the nearest station (Chikuzen Maebaru) marked.

Here’s their website. Feel free to contact about any information I might have left out. And happy learning!

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