Introducing Current Residence Artist: Julia Mejnertsen

Julia Mejnertsen is a Danish photography artist. She has been staying at Studio Kura since the beginning of this August, creating works focusing on this area surrounded by rice fields and mountains.

julia 1

julia 2

Mejnertsen joined the AIR program of 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Tokyo this June- July, having developed the project by taking portrait-like pictures of people with artificial lights such as neon and street lights in Tokyo at night.

julia 3
Image from the project “search for me in plain sight” taken in Tokyo

Initially, the artist also planned to taking pictures of people at Studio Kura. However, she could not meet many local people specially in this hot August, so the project needed to change.
She decided to go out at night when the weather got cool down, the surrounding area has no lights because the land is filled with rice fields except the road to Karatsu appearing car’s lights. Mejnertsen found scared but fascinated at the same time to this darkness and the road situation. Then, it became her new theme to document.
Although she found lonely in the first 2 weeks of her stay being alone, and flying over from the big urban city Tokyo, she gradually got used to live in this innocent quiet area, and started to feel a sense of freedom and openness. As well as concentrating on observing the community from her own perspective, she could look back her various feelings carefully during her stay.

Mejnertsen continues to take more photographs and will show the selected images for the exhibition

As her practice has been influenced by this community environment and the season matter, her photography work would describe the hidden yet real moments of this area with her feelings.
Please visit Studio Kura during the exhibition period(Sep 26th and 27th) to find out her outcome!

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