Introducing Current Residence Artist : Wang Min

Currently, we have 3 residence artists at Studio Kura.
This time, we introduce a Chinese artist Wang Min, having staying here since mid August.


Her cutout work is shown with our entrance door glasses at a studio. The cutouts have charming atmosphere at first look, but motifs like spiders, skeletons, Shinto shrine archways are depicted when you get close.

2Min 0903

The spider became a first motif taking part in her work as she got so surprised to the massive spider found at her living place.

Min finds more interesting to see art in ordinary living spaces rather than in galleries, she fascinates art works in daily spaces like street art as giving unexpected surprise in ordinary life.

Itoshima has great nature, full of green, mountains and seasides. The environment has some similarities with the one in Hamberg where she took master’s degree in Fine Arts at University of Fine Arts of Hamburg, so she seems relaxed and feeling close somehow.

Such a different environment comparing to the urban city Beijing, she will present what she saw, found and felt during her stay at the result exhibition.

Min talking with a visitor at her studio

Min concentrates her practice while having inspiration from other creative events like exhibitions in Fukuoka, Noh play held at Ohori Park Noh Theater, Asia International Film Festival Fukuoka 2015, as well as having an opportunity to look back her previous activities/life and face the land in this quiet land.

Please find an opportunity to see her outcome at the exhibition in the end of this month (The studio locates by the 202 road, you could see her creative process from outside!)

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