Exhibition review in Dec 2015: Jessica Skupa

Studio Kura had individual exhibition by Jessica Skupa, who were participated in our Artist in Residency program, on December 24-26th in 2015.
On the closing day, we had an artist talk as well as mochi-pounding (mochi-tsuki).


Jessica is an American footwear designer based in Alaska, she came our place taking for two days to move. This AiR program was her first time to participate. Her exhibition “Meet you at 3” was held at our main gallery.

Jessica Skupa “Meet you at 3” announcement
Jessica Skupa profile

She presented trial pieces of shoes and sandals using paper this time. At the setting stage, Sarah who were sharing a house with Jessica was helping to present works.

Mochi-pounding is fun but also tough to pound for many times, so everyone was pounding by taking turns.

Kura’s schoolchildren also joined after their art lesson!

At the artist talk, she described having an inspiration for making shoes by traveling to Munakata-shirine where is famous spot for praying traffic safety. Imitating paper as shoe’ leather, she created experimental designs using characteristics of the material, too. Ripple and waves of the sea in Itoshima were taken in her pieces as interesting designs.

Although it was cold winter day, visitors and artists had great time by experiencing one of Japanese traditional cultural event.

Thank you very much for the visitors and readers!

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