Pictures from Jessica Skupa’s ’s Paper Snowflakes Workshop

Here is a photo report about Jessica Skupa’s ’s Paper Snowflakes Workshop held on December 19(Sat)!


The workshop went successfully and Jessica taught children by showing how to hold paper in a certain way, cutting to make some snowflake patterns and decorating the surfaces on!

Jessica displayed tons of snowflake samples on a wall!

Children’s parents also joined the workshop together.

At the decoration stage, there were many glitters, colorful glitter glues and snowflake sprays. Many children found interesting and worked on it so seriously!


By passing a string through the hole of snowflakes, it became an ornament!

He made it by overlapping one another. Is not it a nice color contrast? The patterns stand out more!

This is a necklace version.

This one could be seen more like a medal.

It was first time for Jessica to have a workshop, she were so touched by children’s smiles and their active attitudes!
Announcing Jessica Skupa’s Paper Snowflakes Workshop on Dec 19 (Sat)

Please be excited for next workshop by upcoming our residence artists!

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