Announcing Lynn Loo’s Exhibitions “WASHI #3” and “BAMBOO #1”

We are happy to announce two exhibitions “WASHI #3” and “BAMBOO #1” by Lynn Loo, as a result of her activity during her stay at Studio Kura. This will be shown as a part of Itoshima International Art Festival 2016, Itoshima Arts Farm.

Lynn Loo taught music in Singapore before making her first 16mm film in 1997. She studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and made film works that explore rhythmic and poetic narration using images and sounds as separate entities.

Her engagement with film projection performances began in 2004 as a way of thinking about film as fine art. She explores the physical qualities of analogue film in all aspects of its production, including its presentation as live performance. The work involves a breaking, and re-thinking, of film time and film space. She has produced gallery installations with the same kind of approach.
Lynn sometimes works with Guy Sherwin (also at the residency) and together they have performed their programmes of expanded cinema in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia. This may involve collaboration with local improvising musicians.
Lynn also curates programmes of films at international arts festivals and has conducted a number of artist film workshops. She is employed as a conservation specialist at a film archive in the UK.

Here are some words from the artist herself.

Both works respond to subjects in my surroundings that have combinations of light, lines, shadows and movement. WASHI #3 is a direct treatment of 16mm film with adhesive Washi tape while BAMBOO #1 is a study of light and movement in the bamboo forest and then further explored in its presentation through projection.


Lynn Loo “WASHI #3” and “BAMBOO #1”
October 22 (Saturday) & 23 (Sunday) for “WASHI #3”
October 29 (Saturday) & 30 (Sunday) for “BAMBOO #1”
Exhibition hours: 11:00 to 17:00
Entrance fee: 1000 yen to purchase a passport (900 yen in advance, free entrance for kids aged under 7)
* We will hold an opening tour on Saturday the 22nd, starting at 11:00.
* The exhibition by other seven current residence artists and other domestic & international artists will be held during the art festival period in Nijo area.

-Lynn Loo and Guy Sherwin received an arts grant from Sasakawa Foundation to complete the residency at Studio Kura.

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