Announcing Maria Fernanda Carlos’s Exhibition “Today I will say less 今日、多くは語らない”

We are pleased to announce an exhibition Today I will say less 今日、多くは語らない by Maria Fernanda Carlos on January 27 (Saturday) & 28 (Sun), as a result of her activity during her stay at Studio Kura.

Maria Fernanda
is a multidisciplinary artist based in Guatemala, her main practices are painting, installation and photography.
She completed her postgraduate diploma in contemporary art at Chelsea college of Arts in 2009. Her work has been shown in London, U.S, México, Perú, Colombia and all Central America.

Inspired by eastern philosophies, concepts such as harmony, chaos, order, fullness, emptiness, structure, noise & void are a constant in her work.
She is interested in how opposites work as well as how to find balance between them.

Here are some words from the artist herself.

Throughout a month Maria Fernanda travelled Japan to get an overall view of the culture before stepping into her residency program.
Fascinated and impressed by various Japanese architects, zen gardens, the properness and kindness of Japanese people, the softness of their manners, and the importance of harmony within this culture, Maria began to observe herself.

She noticed she was over expressive in her gestures, emotions, and had a very strong laugh, she wondered if that came from her Latin background or maybe that was just her, most important Japan has inspired her to say less and observe more.

Maria Fernanda Carlos “Today I will say less 今日、多くは語らない”
Date: January 27 (Saturday), 28 (Sunday), 11:00 to 18:00, free entrance
* We will hold an exhibition opening party and an artist talk on 27th (Sat), starting at 15:30.
* The exhibitions by other current residence artists will be also held on the same dates.

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