Announcing James Wylie’s Exhibition “ぐるぐると登り続けること (round and round, up and up)”

We are pleased to announce an exhibition ぐるぐると登り続けること (round and round, up and up) by James Wylie on November 23 (Fri) to 25 (Sun) , as a result of his activity during his stay at Studio Kura.
*Besides on his exhibition, there is a screening event for introducing recent video art from New Zealand introduced by James! Please see the details in the end of this page.

James Wylie is a video artist based in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Wylie completed a Master of Fine Arts at Elam, The University of Auckland in 2018 and his work has been exhibited in Aotearoa and internationally. Wylie’s practice explores how technology influences our bodies and our landscapes.

In 2014 Wylie lived in a rural sector of Tottori Prefecture, Japan, where he was introduced to the rhythms of the Satoyama 里山 (Japanese term for an area between wilderness and arable farmland). Satoyama seem exist in their own time frame, dependent on the cycles of weather and the seasons – cycles that modern technology attempts to repress. The Satoyama inspire a symbiotic relationship to a wider ecosystem. A relationship that encourages and embraces consistent negotiation with the landscape.

Here are some words from the artist himself.

ぐるぐると登り続けること (round and round, up and up) is an artwork that strives to be in many times and places at once. Inspiration for this piece begins with the Satoyama, an ideal attempt at symbiosis between humans and nature. I see the Satoyama as a positive point within the storm of progress, a moment of success – adhering to values of care and patience. When we exercise expedited progress we are taken round and round and up, prone to many mistakes along the way, the Satoyama can exist outside of this maelstrom, a testament to sustainable ideals. However, this video is situated within this storm, trying to glean value from moments as they rush by.

James Wylie “ぐるぐると登り続けること (round and round, up and up)”
Exhibition style: Video
Exhibition venue: Studio Kura Gallery
Date: November 23 (Friday) to 25 (Sunday), 11:00 to 17:00.
* We will hold an artist talk on 23rd (Fri), starting at 13:30.
* The exhibitions by other current residence artists will be held at the same exhibition periods.

————-Special Screening————-

James presents a screening “RECENT VIDEO ART FROM AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND” at 15:30- on Nov 23(Fri) & 24(Sat)!
Please enjoy this special event after our opening & artist talk on 23rd or after/ before seeing exhibitions on 24th (Free Entry for all shows and screening).

Venue: Studio Kura Gallery 
Dates & Time:November 23 (Friday) & 24 (Saturday) 15:30- *screening length: 45mins

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