Exhibition View on March 23-24 2019 (Luo, Emily, Rody, Maria and Clio)

Please enjoy exhibitions by our five residence artists, thank you so much for all visitors who came to attend Artist Talk and visited to see the shows!

At Studio 1:





Luo Jiang-jiang (China)
“The Obstacle / 障 害”
Exhibition style: Mixed media
A Chinese contemporary visual artist, Luo got the inspiration of this exhibition from observations concerning puddles of water while walking around Fukuoka in this changeable weather season. The puddle can an “obstacle” for modern life in the city, he explores the relationship and connections between human beings, nature, life and tool through his installation work.






Emily Beasy (Australia)
“I am a Cat”
Exhibition style: Illustration
I am a Cat features a collection of illustrations to Soseki Natsume’s classic piece of literature, rendered by Australian artist and illustrator Emily Beasy. Portrayed in a colourful mix of styles both of Japanese and Western influence, these works convey the diverse feelings, observations and reflections of a self-aware feline and his curious human subjects.

At Studio 2:




Maria Schilder (Netherlands)
“The Edge”
Exhibition style: Drawing
Participating from Amsterdam, Maria is specialized in sculpture and object making. At this exhibition, she challenged to work on drawings of stones clinging onto the earth / slipping down, in Itoshima, with the theme of her ongoing project The Edge.





Rody Luton (Netherlands/UK)
Exhibition style: Watercolour & graphite on paper
A British/New Zealand visual artist based in Amsterdam, Rody explored her paintings inspired by the floating Nori farming view in Yanagawa. The story of Nori is a story of transmutation, of crossing boundaries and borders, of shifting across sea and land, wet and dry, time and space, changing colour and form. It connects to her interest in exploring the transitory zones between different environments, surfaces and ecologies.

At Studio 2 and House 2:






Clio Berta (United States)
Exhibition style: illustrated, written, projected & sewn works
An American performance artist, composer and multimedia event producer, Clio has been residing Itoshima for nearly 3 months, gaining spiritual and nature based life style. Focusing on magic and spirits, she exhibited variety of works; projected video combining experimental musical performance and stop animation, large paper installation on Moon, written work, hand made sew works and illustration of Tarot cards.

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