“Reflections in Itoshima” by Prisca Youn

Prisca Younは、主に有機的なテクスチャーと動きの間に生まれる空間と光の反射に興味を持つミクストメディア画家です。彼女の作品は、私たちの周りの有機的な生命に対する喜びと驚きの微妙な探求を抽象的に表現しています。

Studio Kuraでの滞在中、プリスカは糸島のゆったりとした田舎暮らしの美しさを吸収し、この環境に固有の光、色、質感をとらえることを目指し作品を制作しました。今回の展示では滞在制作中に制作した絵画を発表します。

Prisca Youn / プリスカ・ユン (アメリカ)
タイトル「Reflections in Itoshima」

We will hold an exhibition of the residency production “Reflections in Itoshima” by American artist Prisca Youn at Studio Kura.

Prisca Youn is a mixed media painter who is interested in the space and light reflections that occur between organic textures and movement. Her works abstractly express the delicate exploration of joy and wonder towards organic life around us.

During her stay at Studio Kura, Prisca absorbed the beauty of the relaxed rural life in Itoshima and aimed to capture the unique light, colors, and textures of this environment in her works. The exhibition will showcase the paintings she created during her residency.

Prisca Youn
Title: “Reflections in Itoshima”
Admission is free.
Date and time: From 11:00 to 17:00 on February 25 (Sat) and 26 (Sun) (Artist talk will be held from 14:30 on February 25 (Sat))
Please take this opportunity to visit us!

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