「Nostalgia」by Jaime Kim

Studio Kuraでは、韓国出身のアーティストJaime Kimによる滞在制作発表「Nostalgia」展を開催します!Jaime Kimが1ヶ月の滞在期間中に制作した作品を展示します。入場料は無料です。開催日時:4月22日(土)、23日(日)の11:00から17:00まで(22日(土)14:30時よりアーティストトークを行います。)ぜひこの機会にお越しください!


As a Korean artist who spent my childhood in the small village called Sangju, I was immediately struck by the all-too-familiar sights and sounds of Itoshima when I arrived. From the rice fields rustling in the wind, to the trains passing by, and the birds soaring into the sunset, everything reminded me of my hometown.During my time in Itoshima, I explored the city on my bicycle, capturing every corner and scene in my artwork. Through this process, I discovered that my longing for childhood memories was imbued in each piece.While I felt a sense of familiarity towards this city, my status as a foreigner also left me feeling somewhat disconnected from it.

Through the strange duality of familiarity and unfamiliarity I experienced in this city, my emotions deepened, evoking an intense sense of nostalgia. By merging my memories with the scenery of Itoshima, I aim to convey this nostalgia and capture the beauty of simpler times.#StudioKura#JaimeKim#Nosta

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