Xinyu Liu

Xinyu Liu(1996年生まれ、中国杭州出身)は、現在オレゴン州ユージーンを拠点に活動するビジュアルアーティスト兼写真家です。彼は、都市景観の社会的機能と建築の権力構造の可視性に興味を持っています。また、個人的な記憶と歴史の大きな物語との間の対立にも関心があります。彼の制作活動では、歴史的に重要な場所を物語的な記憶として再構築し、過去を保つための心理的風景を形成します。その過程で、現代のインフラストラクチャーの中に自らの反響を見出すだけでなく、民主主義の外観の下にある相互接続された構造に再び注目を集めます。


Xinyu Liu (born 1996, Hangzhou, China) is a visual artist and photographer currently based in Eugene, Oregon. He is interested in the social function of urban landscape and visibility of architecture’s power implications. His work also concerns the conflicts between personal memories and overarching narratives of history. In his practice, Xinyu reconstructs a psychological landscape that transforms historically significant sites into narrative memories as a condition of retaining the past. Through that process, he does not only find his own echoes within the infrastructure of modernity, but also redraws attention to interconnected structure underneath the facade of democracy.
He is currently a MFA candidate at the University of Oregon, winner of Urbanautica Institute Award 2023 and recipient of Nature Art Post-85s Young Photographers Foundation Award. In the past year, his works has been shown in gallery in Portland, Athens, Eugene and Shanghai.

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