Alexey Lazarev

Alexey Lazarev (Canada) Residence: February to April 2020

Alexey Lazarev is a Montreal-based visual artist working primarily with drawing and print media to create installations that reflect his research on various aspects of human migration. Some of the past projects include reinterpretation of the memory formation process (i.e. how old memories relate to a new place) and analysis of the feeling of deception that comes after relocating to a new place. Alexey holds a BFA degree from Concordia University (Canada). He has exhibited work in Canada, Russia, Spain and the United States, his upcoming exhibitions will take place in Japan and Germany in 2020.

During the residency at Studio Kura, Alexey will be working on interpretations of over 50 formal and informal interviews that he has recorded during his recent travel in Asia (Thailand, Taiwan and Japan). While the main goal of the residency is to create an immersive installation with multimedia elements that will resonate with personal narratives, a small series of prints, paintings or clay sculptures may also emerge. 

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