Brett Piva

Brett Piva (Australia) Residence: February 2020

Brett Piva is a Contemporary Artist and Curator based in Newcastle Australia. Piva’s beginnings started in a rural setting near the Murrumbidgee River in NSW, Australia. Relocating to an urban environment, his affection for ‘The Australian Bush’ grows stronger by
the day. Piva develops natural patterns and lines within his work that are found whilst adventuring in drier Australian bush climates and within forestries that strongly benefit from rainfall along the coast.

The contrast within the triumph and tragedy of these ever-changing environments are present within Piva’s work. On occasion, street signage and advertising elements appear to introduce a subtle hint of consumerism creeping in.

To reflect on these experiences, Piva uses abstract reverse painting techniques with gold leaf and enamel on glass within paintings, timber and glass sculptural pieces along with large scale murals.

Piva’s work speaks to the duality between the patterns encountered in our natural environment, and a seemingly more familiar urban landscape. It invites viewers to consider their present existence within their beautiful natural surrounds.

Piva’s practice continually evolves through constant research, experimentation and practice. This has seen him exhibit works in many group shows and solo exhibitions in Australia and abroad.

During the residency, Piva aims to explore and document the remote natural environments of Kyushu. Honouring the unique natural forms of this landscape, each form will be developed into an abstract piece using current mediums but also exploring Japanese materials and methods.