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Announcing Guillaume Cousson’s Performance “Sword combined with magic technique.”

We are happy to announce Sword combined with magic technique. by Guillaume Cousson, as a result of his activity during his stay at Studio Kura.
>> Please see here for his magic workshop for kids on Nov 27(Sun).

Guillaume Cousson is a performer who is characterized by the diversity of his bodily expression – a fusion of circus,dance, magic and visual art to create performances. Guillaume has a passion for Asian art and Japanese manga and when he was a kid he studied drawing. Later he self-trained as a hip hop and contemporary dancer, and he discovered circus through juggling in 2003. From this combination of skills he focused his training on the body movement integrating visual pattern created by the object in motion. He collaborated with manufacturers and created a concept for a show using advanced technology to create live visual effects combined with magic technique. In 2011 he created the character RIUCHI who is Guillaume’s Asian side.

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Enjoy a Ballet Collaboration at Hannah Quinlivan’s Closing Party

Hannah Quinlivan’s exhibition Penumbra opened last Saturday along with Suyeon Na’s Life is Everywhere. Penumbra will keep growing and evolving until next Saturday the 30th, when the closing party is scheduled.

And we have an announcement! Dancers Kana and Eri (yes, they are sisters!) will perform inside the installation at the closing party next Saturday. We can’t wait for it! And now enjoy a couple of pictures showing Penumbra‘s growth.

2013-11-19 18.14.44
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