Jolene Yeo

Jolene Yeo (Singapore) Residence: October 2018

Jolene Yeo is a multi-disciplinary artist living in sunny little Singapore. Having always loved art, she has pursued and completed a Diploma in Apparel Design & Merchandising (Temasek Polytechnic), Diploma in Concept Art & Illustration (3dsense Media School) as well as Bachelor in Fine Arts (Lasalle College of the Arts). She has participated in two group exhibitions in Singapore as well as had her collection nominated for the IAF awards. She was placed in the Director’s List for 4 consecutive years in a row in Temasek Polytechnic and has been awarded Top Student by 3dsense Media School.

Being an avid fan of video games from an early age, she is often influenced by the fantastical visuals from them. She also loves fairy tales, horror movies and creepy tales which are sources of inspiration for her as well. She has a lot of love for intricate details and will often immerse herself into adding them into her work.

During her stay at Studio Kura, she hopes to create a series of story-telling digital and traditional works inspired by her new surroundings imbued with characters/creatures from her own imagination or part of her daily life in Singapore.

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*Jolene Yeo is a selected artist of the 3dsense-Studio Kura Artistic Residency Award, a one month residency award to participate in Studio Kura artist-in residence program, dedicated for top alumni students of each batch for 3dsense Media School program students in Singapore.