Susan Sun

Susan Sun (Canada) Residence: December 2019

Susan Sun is a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in Ontario, Canada. She completed her undergraduate in Global Business and Digital Arts (June 2017), then continued her studies at 3D Sense Media School, Singapore, specializing in Concept Design and Illustration ( December 2019).

She is keen on exploring both traditional and digital mediums in her works, taking any opportunity she can to combine mediums. Her main pursuit in this industry is to tell narrative stories through her work, either in the form of games, storyboards, illustrations, or comics. She is still exploring her style and plans to expand her skill set by exploring different fields of work in the future.

During her residency, the artist aims to explore the serene environment of the countryside to create a narrative piece.

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*Susan Sun is a selected artist of the 3dsense-Studio Kura Artistic Residency Award, a one month residency award to participate in Studio Kura artist-in residence program, dedicated for top alumni students of each batch for 3dsense Media School program students in Singapore.