Aafke Bouman

Aafke Bouman (The Netherlands) Residence: April 2019

Aafke Bouman (1994, Amsterdam, Netherlands) graduated from her Bachelor of Arts, Illustration at the HKU in 2017.

Within her imagery there is always a nomadic element to be found, both within the meaning and content as well as her way of working. The way she conjures images consists of an interplay between her own observations and its translation towards her illustrative works – here, documentation and fiction come together. Within her practice she explores historical narrative, found imagery and human traces. She often approaches her work as an archaeologist searching for historical stories and trying to dig up narratives. Her subjects are often translated in a playful way using bold colors’.

During her residency period, the artist aims to explore the history of Itoshima by gathering anecdotes and turn these historical narratives into an aesthetic experience.

– website: https://www.aafkebouman.nl/