Alexandra Abbatiello

Alexandra Abbatiello (United States) Residence: June to July 2017

Alexandra Abbatiello is a sculptor from the United States. She received her BFA in 3-Dimensional Arts from Indiana State University in Indiana. She is currently an MFA candidate at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

She creates work that relates to how people become themselves; their personalities, traits, experiences, and personal growth. She is interested in all aspects of a person’s personality, both the hidden and the portrayed. Her current work has been about the relationships one has with the people around them and their journey to form these bonds. Her personal connection to these topics stems from her own experiences in life. She recognizes that she is left with impressions from each place she travels to, every experience and memory captures potential influences and creates inspiration for her as the artist.

At Studio Kura she plans on making charcoal drawings of images she gathers throughout her stay. She will also be making small scale sculptures from wire and found objects that relate to her visit. The pieces will be based off of the experiences she has while she is here. Her figures will be interacting with different people, items, and objects depending on the scene of which they are in.

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