Angela Yanjun Chen

Angela Yanjun Chen (China) Residence: March 2017

Angela Yanjun Chen is a visual artist who studies and work in London. After she completed her Bachelor Degree of Fine art in Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of Arts London. She undertaking postgraduate studies of print in Royal College of Arts London, and took a period research in Shanghai Biennale. Her work has shown in different exhibitions in London, and it will be shown in Brazil in July 2017.

Angela is interested in exploring human’s complex emotion and relationship, which aim to transforming it into installation piece. Her works are constructed as a simulation of people’s feeling in an abstract display, using handmade materials, such as resin bricks, huge handmade arrow and semi-transparent door. She believes that installation art has obviously character of interaction, which also has more dimension for her to express ideas instead of two-dimension work. In the structure of her work, she convinces that interactive between audience and installation seems like another sort of gravitation pull and push the work.

During a peaceful residency period near seaside, she is trying to describe natural affairs via glowing materials and structures.

– Angela Yanjun Chen’s website

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