Ann McGinley

Ann McGinley (Australia) Residence: August 2017

Ann McGinley is a Melbourne (Australia) artist.  
Ann has completed a Masters of Contemporary Art at the VCA (University of Melbourne) where she concentrated on the application of a range of media, watercolour, ink, acrylic, oil and aerosol on canvas, board and paper. Her works have no intended beginning or end, rather they seek to explore the intersection of landscape and psyche.

For the last 2 years Ann has been using Japanese watercolour as a contemporary medium on canvas. The watercolour’s staining and dripping into the canvas becomes a metaphor for landscape’s effect on emotion.

Her 4 week residency at Studio Kura will allow Ann the opportunity to concentrate on the light and pattern of the local landscape in a series of small abstract watercolour works on canvas. Ann hopes to explore facets of the Japanese aesthetic and introduce these elements into her work. In turn, this will be a trajectory for future work back in her Melbourne studio.

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Ann Mcginley2preston-2

Ann Mcginley3red-lines,-acrylic,-watercolour,-pastel-44-x-44

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