Anne-Sophie Guillet

Anne-Sophie Guillet (Belgium) Residence: August to September, 2016

Anne-Sophie Guillet is a visual artist that specializes in photography based in Brussels, Belgium. She graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2013 with an MFA in visual arts/photography. Her work has been shown in many places in Brussels, Los Angeles, Krakow and she is about to be part of the Mt Rokko International Photo Festival in the Emerging Photographers show which will be held in Kobe at the end of August.

Her practice spreads through series questioning the enigma of identity and its forms. It is essential to her life and allows her to discover things on human beings, about herself and becomes an excuse to meet people. It is by pursuing the flow of her thoughts and by attempts to let it express itself that she continues her quest on the understanding of human being.

I applied to this residency with the idea of being far away from the cities. I wanted to be immersed in nature and Japanese culture to let myself get touched by every encounters. I noticed that Studio Kura was in a rural area close to rice fields and the sea which I felt were exactly the elements I needed to reconnect with. Immersed in nature, walking or biking helps to heal ourselves from the illness of urban civilization. Observe nature and its changes at different times of the day. Collect small natural elements. Feel the smell of the heat and the humidity on our skin, watch each small modification appear from the breeze on a leaf or on the surface of water. Feel the energy of its nature and culture. Be passionate by everything that passes by, therefore that manifest life. Walking and the link with nature is a mysterious relationship”

Exhibition at Studio Kura: Announcing Anne-Sophie Guillet’s Exhibition “Komorebi”

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