Ashley B Favor

Ashley B Favor (United States) Residency: April to May 2018

Ashley Favor is a visual artist based in Denver, Colorado. She focuses her efforts primarily on three-dimensional paintings that explore a diversification of mediums. She completed her BFA specializing in painting at Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design (2014).

Her work concerns the relevance of existence, connectivity, and relatability. She studies reoccurring forms, textures, and colors within natural and cultural settings as a source of contemplation. While all life on earth may appear to be visually differing, it is inexplicably linked thru existence. She translates this thru utilizing an array of mediums and processes while maintaining a thoughtful and meditative application.

During her time at Studio Kura she plans to expand her current body of work by experimenting with a multitude of mediums and processes that are local to the region. She intends to welcome a whole new way of conceiving and executing ideas in accordance with an entirely new and stimulating cultural setting.