Benjamin Fueglister

Benjamin Fueglister (1978, Zurich, Swiss)   Residency: November 2009

Berlin based artist Benjamin Füglister was born in 1978 in Zurich, Switzerland, and got his BA Degree in Interaction management at the University of Applied Sciences of Basel. Füglisters work is mainly focused on the interchange between the photographic media and modern society. He questions social conventions and their visual transformation. His main attention covers photography as an interface to observe and as a medium to visualize change in the idea of men.

He stayed at Studio Kura for one month in November, 2009. During his residency, he held the photography workshop Capture the Light, and at the end of his stay he showed the three series of pictures he took during his stay in the solo exhibition Luminous. Radiant at IAF Shop in Fukuoka.