Beste Miray Doğan

Beste Miray Doğan (Turkey) Residence: April, 2016

Beste Miray Doğan is a ​graphic ​designer based in ​​Istanbul.
She completed her Bachelor of Arts in​ ​Graphic Design ​in Beykent University, ​​Istanbul. Studied Design and Culture Management ​​in Bilgi University, ​​Istanbul, she is currently doing her master course on Graphic Design in Anadolu University, Eskişehir. ​​After working ​​​for multi-disciplinary design companies for years now she is doing books & book covers design.

​She tries the walk in between design and art by her ‘made up projects’. Trying to point the effortless ‘art pieces’ or ‘design objects’ among daily life, she uses different medias like illustration, photography and typography…

Beste has a fascination for old tales and fables and would like to explore and observe its effects in the daily life and apply it to her mixed-media work.

– Beste Miray Doğan’s website