Betty Susiarjo

Betty Susiarjo (Indonesia) Residence: May to June, 2016

Betty Susiarjo is a mixed media artist based in Singapore. She received her MA (Fine Arts) with Distinction from Winchester School of Art, England and her BA (Fine Arts) from Surrey Institute of Arts and Design, England. Her works has been shown in UK, Turkey, Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia and recently participated in an exhibition exploring ‘motions’ in OTA Fine Arts (until May 19 2016), both Singapore and Japan.

She is interested to understand how humans’ experience of time affects their experience of beauty. Focusing on each moment arrested in a mundane scene, her works present poetic and melancholic impressions of the time, so much so that it opens up to a space of contemplation. Recently, she has been interested in the study of light and shadow and how their qualities affect our encounter with beauty.

At the Studio Kura, she intends to look primarily into shadow and to then use her observations to produce text-based work (such as poetry and/or a short story based on her daily encounter in the area). She is currently reading Junichiro Tanizaki’s In Praise of Shadows to support her research interest.

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The uncertain light_01

May Plum Rain_3

The Smell of Sea_4