Bushra Burge

Bushra Burge (United Kingdom) Residence: March, 2016

Bushra is a multimedia artist-designer and educator whose work explores memory and personhood, bringing together art and science through the use of a range of traditional and new media, from couture to digital installation. She has exhibited in the UK, and the artist has a background in ethical fashion and sustainability and is extremely interested in art and design for social benefit. She has also recently developed a number of wearable technology costumes and a second skin inspired product for virtual reality gaming. Her most recent exhibited work resulted in textile prints and projection mapping.

Bushra holds an MA in Applied Imagination from Central Saint Martins, a BA in Fashion Studies from the London College of Fashion, as well as an earlier BSc from Imperial College in Biochemistry, which enables her to bring a unique perspective and range of skills to her work.

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