Calum Sutherland

Calum Sutherland (United Kingdom) Residence: February, 2016

Calum Sutherland is specialised in painting and drawing based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and has been living in Tokyo since September 2015.
He completed his Bachelor of Arts in Painting and Printmaking at Glasgow School of Art, then had a drawing year at Royal Drawing School in London. His work has been shown in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and recently in Japan. He got selected to show his painting at RSA New Contemporaries in 2014, RSA, Edinburgh.

He is interested in places where objects have been arranged by human-beings like a bedroom, a garden, a beach, a bar. Focusing on spaces that contain in their arrangement layers of personal, social and collective histories, he believes these construct a view of the world and a way of understanding it, being in this sense political, although not overtly.

At the Studio Kura, he would like to undertake a series of en plein air paintings which detail natural and cultural contrasts in Fukuoka Prefecture.

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