Charlotte Clermont

Charlotte Clermont (Canada) Residence: September to October, 2016

Charlotte Clermont is a video artist based in Montreal. She holds a BFA in Studio Arts from Concordia University (2016). Since 2015, her work has been screened in Montréal, Toronto, Vancouver and San Francisco.

Using VHS, MiniDv, surveillance camera, Super8 and 16mm, she creates a congruity between the treatment of her materials and the signification of the subject matter. The
quality of her images captures the complexity of the relationship between herself and her subjects, revealing a tension that stirs through various impressions where intimacy, mystery, banality, and non-linearity all co-exist.

During her residency period, she will explore forms and lo-fi image processing and VHS manipulations. With her interest in the materiality of video, she will be mixing digital and analog cameras to record multiple projections manipulated in real-time, as well as cathodic televisions that enable organic image distortions.

– Charlotte Clermont’s website