Chris Fitzpatrick

Chris Fitzpatrick (Australia) Residence: December 2019

Chris completed her Fine Arts degree in Printmaking in 2008 at the Victoria College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia. Since 2010 she has been crisscrossing the world seeking adventures and meeting people of other cultures to explore their differences and study their art and cultures.

She has also been involved with voluntary work teaching art and English to children in Laos, Nepal, India and the USA. Without a permanent space she has pursued her interest in photography; and making small sculptures, paintings and jewellery with found and used objects including rubber tubing, aluminium, plastics, kelp, clay, seed pods and fruit.

During her residency she is interested in experimenting more with kelp; learning to use the 3D printer at Studio Kura to make jewellery, and walking/collecting from the surrounding
areas to respond creatively to the local environment.