Christoffer Ohlander

Christoffer Ohlander (Sweden) Residence: September 2017

Christoffer Ohlander is an industrial designer based in Stockholm.

Since graduating with a bachelor’s degree in industrial design from Konstfack in Stockholm 2015, he has been working as a design engineer for renowned audio company Teenage Engineering. Christoffers work has won several design awards and was last exhibited during the 2016 Japan design week.
By implementing a human-centred product design, he tries to enhance the users well-being. He tries to create products that fulfill emotional needs, while still being functional.

During his residency, he will further develop a rollator – a walking aid for the elderly and disabled. The first version of this rollator was created in 2014 and is all made of wood, a blend between the world of aid products and of furniture. Now Christoffer wants to create a second version with inspiration from Japanese woodworking and design.

Christoffer Ohlander’s Exhibition “Wooden rollator” at Studio Kura

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