Claire Pendrigh

Claire Pendrigh (Australia) Residency: February to March, 2015

Claire Pendrigh is an Australian visual artist who works across the mediums of painting, drawing, knitting and installation. She has exhibited in Australia and internationally in the United Kingdom and the United States. Her time at Studio Kura will be her second artist residency, her first residency taking place in Iceland in 2012.

Pendrigh’s work is characterized by a search to locate the individual in the context of the universe. Often combining elements that symbolize the homely with scientific theories, Pendrigh’s work explores the tension between the scale of the universe and the everyday experience of being human.

In her body of work created during the Studio Kura residency program, Pendrigh will be exploring the theme of tea. Taking her cues from the Japanese tea ceremony, her works will follow a process of repetition and restraint in order to explore our precarious human existence.

Claire Pendrigh’s website