Daniela Tenhamm

Daniela Tenhamm (Chile) Residence: February 2017

Daniela Tenhamm is a Chilean-born Brooklyn based performance artist. She holds a Masters in Arts Politics from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. She has performed and showed her work in Chile, Mexico, Brazil and the United States.

She is interested in how people meet their own body as an aesthetic and political experience. She works with improvisation and individual-anatomic movement with the aim to recognize each person’s history and life circumstances. Her aim is to link the materiality of the body itself with a variety of medias and to see what emerges from such an experience. She explores how to bring the arts to different scenarios, researching in the concept of the site specific as a way to inhabit new places.

During her stay at Studio Kura, she will meditate on her own life story. She wants to connects a set of personally significant concepts such as rhythm, freedom, loneliness, love, and light –among others, to her time here in Japan. This is her first time in Asia!

– Daniela Tenhamm’s website

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