Danilo Oliveira

Danilo Oliveira (Brazil) Residence: April 2017

Danilo had his BA and Master in Visual Arts from UNESP (São Paulo State University) in Brazil. He is researching on painting since the year 2000, always looking for new materialities and ways to explore the bi-dimensional field. It includes mural paintings in several locations around Brazil, where the painting got other relations to the spectators body and daily life, altering the spaces and landscapes around. Last years he’s interested in the theme of the political border or symbolic boundaries that forms our societies. Has made residencies recently in Germany, Uruguay and Barbados. Today he is represented by Virgilio Gallery, in São Paulo, Brazil.

In Studio Kura residency he is looking for to research and experiment the fluidity and transparency of Japanese painting, in a different way, mixing it with the materiality of western oil painting. This searches to make a dialogue between different views on paintings, trying to materialize some symbolic borders.

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