Davin Saputra

Davin Saputra (Indonesia) Residence: September 2018

Davin is a 3d Artist from Indonesia, who will be working as a junior 3d character modeler in the games industry after his stay here. He had just graduated from 3dsense Media School, Singapore.

He is interested in creating character art which includes figure sculpting, portraiture, and anatomy studies. He is currently trying to improve his fundamentals on those subjects.

During his stay in Studio Kura, he wants to focus on improving his figure sculpting and portraiture skills. Also there’s a really cool 3d printer that he really wants to take advantage of during his one month stay.

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*Davin Saputra is a selected artist of the 3dsense-Studio Kura Artistic Residency Award, a one month residency award to participate in Studio Kura artist-in residence program, dedicated for top alumni students of each batch for 3dsense Media School program students in Singapore.