Debbie Donnelly

Debbie Donnelly (New Zealand) Residence: September 2018

Debbie Donnelly New Zealand, Masters in Education, Victoria University College of Education, Wellington.

Specialist in art textiles Donnelly is a practitioner and mentor since completing post graduate studies for Te Auaha Whitireia NZ Institute of Creativity, lecturing in Applied Arts. As a recipient of 2018 New Zealand Japan Exchange programme grant and Creative NZ and Asia New Zealand Foundation grants this has provided stimulus for experiencing cultural interplay. New works on interpretations of cultural identity are mixed with migration and situatedness.

As an inter-disciplinary artist Donnelly uses auto-ethnography; a self-narrative that critiques the situatedness of self with others in social and environmental contexts.
New work based on observations, art processes, exhibition and audience interaction create experiences for informing environmentally located materials and social arts issues. The research links personal narrative and reflective practice with my established role as arts educator and craft object practitioner. Currently my work revolves around the notion of catalytic change in self, place and materials to transform bio morphic forms in 2D and 3D through art media as time, skills, local narratives blended in the site specific studio space.

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