Didi Lehnhausen

Didi Lehnhausen (the Netherlands) Residence: February 2018

Didi Lehnhausen graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2016 and won the Fine Arts award for the best graduate. Since then she has been working from her atelier in Amsterdam with regular residencies and trips to Germany and Indonesia. Her work has been exhibited in these countries and most recently at the NEU/NOW festival in Amsterdam.

In her work she explores the qualities of the medium photography by applying different printing techniques and decomposing and rebuilding images. With camera’s and different printing technique’s she forms the material into prints, films and performances. She is playing with recording devices and the physical forms that memories and fleeting moments can take. In her most recent work she made an installation of a ten meters long silver gelatin print. In complete darkness she worked on the image ritual that exposed the ten meters of light sensitive paper.

During her stay in Studio Kura, she will explore the ideas of Japanese culture, build from the images, films, stories, books and historical telling’s. She will explore these ideas and challenge herself to look at the direct surrounding through different viewpoints and frames.

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